The Family

TA-BOU beachwear encompasses the traditional and classic „family-owned“ type of company. Founder Gianni De Nicola combined his visionary skills with Ingrid De Nicola-Haverkate’s creative designs and engineer-like accuracy, in order to create a revolutionary brand of state-of-the-art beachwear.

The tradition lives on as their son Diego and daughter Valeria De Nicola take over the operating side TA-BOU beachwear. Diego pursued his studies in Economics and Philosophy, and has been active in the company for almost 10 years, and Valeria completed the same prestigious design academy in Milan and Paris, as her mom Ingrid. The combination of young blood, modern and forward thinking, along with experience and tradition is what makes up the philosophy of TA-BOU beachwear.

The “family-feeling” is at the same time one of the highest goals that we as a company continuously strive for within our business. Our over 30 employees, mainly in Switzerland and our own production in Italy, all share the passion and love for this unique, fragile and extremely important item of clothing.


According to Gianni De Nicola, founder of TA-BOU, life is a continuous longing for pleasure. Therefore, joyful anticipation is one of the greatest and longest lasting pleasures in life. He was interested in an exchange that is much more than the regular day-to-day transactions.

The exchange he had in mind is sun for money; or more specifically the joy and anticipation that we get when buying beachwear. This sense of joy is not strictly related to the article itself. We associate beachwear with the warmth of the sun, the breeze of the ocean, the white sand of a beautiful beach, the deep blue color of the sea, and the relaxing feeling that we get when we are on holidays. For these and many more reasons, selling beachwear is selling joy, anticipation and happiness.

TA-BOU does its utmost in order to maintain excellent work conditions on all levels. We always pay fair wages and do not permit any children’s work in any of our enterprises. We strongly believe that everything in life is based on fair exchange; and this is the criterion, which forms the very foundation of any long-term success.

TA-BOU beachwear stands for fashion, quality and fit. TA-BOU fulfills the highest criteria of functionality, fit and manufacturing processes. Our products are highly exclusive and 100% made in Italy. They are made using only the world’s best available materials and every item is hand-made.

Our society generally tends to underestimate the importance of swimwear. A swimsuit is the last piece of clothing that a woman wears in public, thus it is extremely important! There is very little fabric to work with, which makes fit and quality of utmost importance.

The Designers

TA-BOU stands for the individuality of women. Thanks to perfect craftsmanship, versatile functionality and optimal fit, TA-BOU beachwear meets the highest standards a woman might have. Each piece of our collection is hand made and many of them are produced as limited editions.

The importance of swimsuits is still underestimated in our society. Feminine beachwear with sophisticated styles and finest materials emphasizes your personality and uniqueness and highlights the female form from its best side.

Ingrid De Nicola-Haverkate and Valeria De Nicola are the lead designers of TA-BOU beachwear. Both of them studied – though a generation apart - at the prestigious designer academy "Marangoni Milano". They are devoted with passion, innovation and absolute precision in designing exceptional and trendy beachwear for TA-BOU. The GLAM collection, swimsuits decorated with thousands of Swarovski crystals, is the last successful example of the uniqueness and exclusivity of the TA-BOU beachwear fashion.

The specialization in swimsuits allows the rolling development of new designs during the entire year and even multiple times every month! This is why thanks to TA-BOU beachwear every woman can find and combine their very own style and always wear the absolute newest designs, any time of the year!


TA-BOU beachwear is not just a brand… It is a way of living and way of thinking. We do not just design our own product line, we hand pick each and every type of fabric, we meticulously test every aspect of a swimsuit and possible threats to its quality, but most of all, we produce everything by hand and in our very own establishment in southern Italy in order to guarantee top-quality and fit for every single swimsuit.

At TA-BOU beachwear we provide fair wages and a modern and pleasant working environment. We truly believe that only a fair exchange can lead to a long-term success, in business just as much as in any relationship.

Each and every item is hand-sown by our very skilled employees. It may be hard to imagine that a single TA-BOU swimsuit can have over 40 separate pieces, with different types of fabrics, and can take up to 2 hours of production time. A real work of art!

The timeless design and precision manufacturing guarantee a perfect fit. Only the best materials available on the world market are used to produce our beachwear and our continuous research and quality test allow us to stay at the forefront of innovation.


Only the finest materials from around the world are carefully selected for our beachwear to meet the highest quality standards. The special Lycra fabric we use, offers a stunning comfort and differs significantly in the flexibility, touch and durability from any other fabric.

With the "GLAM Collection" women enter the shiny and glamorous world of Swarovski, combined with the prestige of TA-BOU. The applied Swarovski crystals will make your eyes and your swimsuit sparkle like never before. Whether delicate and soft knitwear, with net-fabric or prints - we always pay attention to state-of-the-art processing (e.g. all filaments are neaten by hand and not cut by machine), to guarantee our unique fit and comfort.

Using the latest computerized programs we promote the variety of trendy and innovative designs. The well-being of our customers is our highest aim. The exceptional fit pared with the exotic, glamorous and sensual designs of TA-BOU beachwear make each day wearing your bikini, a day to remember.