The History of TA-BOU


beachwear for every body

TA-BOU is a family business. For this reason the different generations of the TA-BOU family appear on this year’s poster in person. The slogan is simple, yet meaningful: “beachwear for every body”, emphasizing that our beachwear is for everybody and for every body. There is no such things as a “bikini body”. Every body is a bikini body at TA-BOU. This is our belief. These are our values. And that’s how we produce our swimwear. 


TA-BOU now also in Beverly Hills

In addition to the flagship store in Zurich, TA-BOU opened a second location in Beverly Hills.


Miss Switzerland

The newly crowned "Miss Switzerland" Dominique Rinderknecht shows her irresistible charm on TA-BOU’s posters. For the Miss Switzerland contest TA-BOU-designer Valeria De Nicola, created 12 one-of-a-kind outfits that were worn by the finalists on the catwalk of Switzerland's largest indoor stadium


Miss Florida

Miss Florida Brittany graced our posters shot on Curaçao in 2013. The sexy, exclusive and uniquely laced one-piece called COBRA, was a huge success and set a new benchmark for sexy one-piece swimsuits.



International top-model and “Guess-Girl” Candice Boucher is featured on this stunning poster, taken by Sports-Illustrated photographer Jacques Weyers on the Seychelles; both are South African nationals


Small but precious

With “Wenn wenig viel bedeutet” (transl. “When very little means everything”), we describe our demanding work; namely to create an incomparable comfort with very little fabric. The poster was shot with Valeria De Nicola, who took over the TA-BOU design along with her mom Ingrid (1984 Model) after completing the same designer school in Milan and Paris.



In a big fashion show in 2008 we presented our GLAM Collection for the first time - beachwear with Swarovski crystals. This limited edition is adorned with 1400 Swarowski crystals and was presented on the runway by Christa Rigozzi (former Miss Switzerland) and top-model Xenia Tchoumitcheva.


From 18 to 25

“Nicht mehr 16… TA-BOU wird 25” (transl. “no longer 16… TA-BOU is now 25”), a clear reference to our 1994 poster. To conform the wishes of the “Agency for Poster Approval” of Zurich we had to produce two versions of the poster. In one version the original poster was cropped, on private billboards the original poster was displayed.


Mix- & Match

“Kann frau… halbe Bikinis kaufen?” (transl. “Can women… buy half-bikinis?”): this was a new milestone, something no one had done before. Indeed, at TA-BOU, one can buy the tops and bottoms separately, matching these into numerous color and size combinations. The poster was shot with Alexandra, Don Johnson’s girlfriend.


16-years old & taboo?

The 1994 campaign caused great turmoil all over the media in the entire nation. The slogan “16-jährig und tabu” has an obvious ambiguity. We, TA-BOU, were celebrating our 16th anniversary. The slogan had nothing to do with a woman’s age of consent. Only the resolution of the question, with a second poster, "no ... TA-BOU"


The Birth of Venus

Modigliani drew his Venus based on the famous “Birth of Venus” by Botticelli. Coincidentally, Modligliani’s Venus was hung right next to the “TA-BOU Venus”, the poster with Maria Louisa.


2000 times

1988 was followed by the "cool blonde from the north" Ing-Marie, with a Lycra rose adorning her bikini. These roses were hand made by an 80-year-old grandma in Italy; she made over 2000 pieces that year, all of them sold out immediately!


TA-BOU, who else?

Ingrid De Nicola-Haverkate ends her modeling career by posing one last time for TA-BOU. On this edition with the slogan “TA-BOU, wer denn sonst?” (transl. “TA-BOU, who else?”). In the meantime she graduated with a degree in Fashion Design in Milan. 

Ever since then each and every TA-BOU item has carried her signature design.


When will you come by?

The Slogan “Wann kommen Sie vorbei?” (transl. “When will you come by?”), with Nina on the poster, teases potential customers. Nevertheless, it also induced certain businessmen to think about services that we do not provide!



Given the immediate success, we urgently looked for a new and bigger location. Merely two years after opening our first shop we moved to a bigger location, at Kuttelgasse 4, in the very heart of Zürich’s downtown district.

This year’s poster featured Federica and the slogan “Aha! TA-BOU”.



On March 8th 1978 (International Women’s Day), TA-BOU opens its first store in Zurich. It is the first and only shop to offer beachwear all year round. 

Marcia adorns the first TA-BOU poster.