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Summer feeling all year round in Zurich

Our store in Zurich offers one of the widest selections of beachwear and accessories in the world and a guaranteed summer feeling! (in summer ice cream for free)

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Currently closed due to COVID.

TA-BOU beachwear Uraniastrasse 31CH-8001 Zürich

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Made in Italy... for Italy!

In the most beautiful resort - the Forte Village Sardegna - you can now find the world's most beautiful swimwear (please excuse our modesty).

Opening Hours

See Forte Village Resort store hours.

TA-BOU beachwear Forte Village SardegnaSanta Margherita di Pula


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According to Gianni De Nicola, founder of TA-BOU, life is a continuous longing for pleasure. Therefore, joyful anticipation is one of the greatest and longest lasting pleasures in life. He was interested in an exchange that is much more than the regular day-to-day transactions.

The exchange he had in mind is sun for money; or more specifically the joy and anticipation that we get when buying beachwear. This sense of joy is not strictly related to the article itself. We associate beachwear with the warmth of the sun, the breeze of the ocean, the white sand of a beautiful beach, the deep blue color of the sea, and the relaxing feeling that we get when we are on holidays. For these and many more reasons, selling beachwear is selling joy, anticipation and happiness.

TA-BOU does its utmost in order to maintain excellent work conditions on all levels. We always pay fair wages and do not permit any children’s work in any of our enterprises. We strongly believe that everything in life is based on fair exchange; and this is the criterion, which forms the very foundation of any long-term success.

TA-BOU beachwear stands for fashion, quality and fit. TA-BOU fulfills the highest criteria of functionality, fit and manufacturing processes. Our products are highly exclusive and 100% made in Italy. They are made using only the world’s best available materials and every item is hand-made.

Our society generally tends to underestimate the importance of swimwear. A swimsuit is the last piece of clothing that a woman wears in public, thus it is extremely important! There is very little fabric to work with, which makes fit and quality of utmost importance.