A Piece of Art

Each and every bikini is:

  • Completely hand-made by our highly skilled tailors in Italy
  • All fabrics are of the highest Lycra grade, produced in Italy
  • Mix and match any top and bottom—choose from any size, color or print to reach the combination of your unique style and preference.
  • Most of the TA-BOU swimsuits are composed of different types of fabrics in order to give you the soft feel we are known for, yet never compromising on hold and stability where it is most needed.

At TA-BOU beachwear you are buying much more than just a swimsuit, you are getting your individual piece of art!

CANTU Circle Blue Sky One Piece Swimsuit
Our Mission

Unlike most other clothing items, a bikini or swimsuit is THE most intimate piece of clothing a woman will wear in public. It is also, usually, the item containing the least amount fabric — and this is the challenge that has become our passion!

We are a family owned and run company since 1978.

Our mission is to engineer the perfectly fitting bikini, that will give you exactly the style, comfort and feeling you are dreaming of.

CAREZZA Jewels Blue Sky One Piece Swimsuit

Store Location:

Augustinergasse 34
8001 Zurich

Opening Times:

Tue-Fri: 11:00-18:00
Sat: 11:00-16:00
May-July also open mondays!


Tel: +41 44 221 08 11
eMail: store@ta-bou.com

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